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Medical website design trends from Practis

Winning Medical Website Design Strategies and Examples

Most patients will visit your website long before they enter your doors. This means your website is responsible for setting expectations, communicating your values, and demonstrating the quality of your care–all within a few seconds.

When & Why You Need to Refresh Your Medical Website

You need to continually refresh your website to maintain credibility. Patients are not going to trust outdated information, old images, or stale content. In fact, they may even get the impression that your practice is not operating at peak performance or keeping up with the latest healthcare trends and procedures.

Creating Website Popups that Work

Pop-up ads, or websitepop-ups, can be an effective form of grabbing attention from your website user. A pop-up is a graphical user interface display, usually

How to Organize your Website Content

When it’s time to write content for your medical website, you may think that it’s a one-and-done project. Too often staff will put effort into a website,

Website Design Showcase: Top 3 Pediatric Website Designs

A well-designed website is an important part of any successful pediatric practice. A good website should not only convey the practice’s “personality”, but it should also instill a sense of trust to visitors that their children are in good hands.

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