Medical SEO

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If a potential patient goes online to search for a medical specialist in their area, does your practice appear on the first page of search results? What if they decide to search based on their treatment plan or specific symptoms?

Today most people use the internet to learn about medical conditions, procedures, and other health-related topics. Whether it be from a desktop or mobile device, those potential patients are often viewing this information that eventually turns into real actions. If a potential patient is seeking treatment or a provider in their area, chances are they will complete an online search to find the best option in their area. By enrolling in one of our medical SEO programs, providers can utilize the help of our healthcare marketing experts to increase visibility for their practice, highlight their specialties and experience, and be the first choice of nearby patients!

Ensure that your website ranks at the top of search results when and where patients search

What Is Medical SEO?

Medical SEO is the process of increasing the visibility and ranking of your website on search engines like Google so that patients looking for care or a doctor to treat them can reach you more easily. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, involves a process of strengthening several elements on and off your website to provide a long term path towards growing your practice. It is ideal to begin building a solid foundation for SEO right away when a site is built, though these strategies also apply to ongoing improvements as the algorithms used by search engines are constantly changing to bring more relevant results to its users. If you’re not making these updates regularly, there is a big chance that competitors may take over your spot!

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Ensure that every aspect of your medical website is functional for patients with a wide range of needs and limitations.

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Appear within the top search results of targeted locations for patients seeking specialized care in your area.


Receive regular updates and insights pertaining to the performance of your website and other online properties.

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Why Is Medical SEO Important?

Advertisements and pay-per-click campaigns can get sites ranking immediately, though these instant results typically come at a high cost. Top placements achieved through SEO are often referred to as being organic, meaning that a website pays no direct price to appear for key internet searches in their area. Search engine optimizations also offer many more long-term benefits that can be expected to last for several months if not years after being established.

Our Medical SEO Strategy

We understand that a practice’s needs for their website and SEO strategies may change frequently. Whether the cause is a shift within the healthcare industry or the digital marketing industry, our agency is able to be proactive about these continuous updates and alter our services according to our client’s goals. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Practis provides coverage for all online elements of a medical practice’s brand, including:

Google’s top indicator of a strong site is content. Supporting your website with high-quality content will help you gain placement on the first page of search engines, and help create a healthy user experience. Not to mention that the rise of voice search means strong content is absolutely a necessity! Our team will help you build out unique content based on the conditions you treat and procedures you perform.

While content is certainly key, on page SEO goes far beyond one single component of a practice’s website. Our online marketing specialists will assist in helping your pages rank by focusing on the inner workings of your website and how closely they compare to known factors considered by Google’s algorithm. These optimizations include various components such as title tags, meta descriptions, schema, and internal links that each carry a significant amount of weight in terms of how relevant search engines believe your site to be in regards to a patient’s query.

Developing a strong off page SEO strategy involves building the quantity and quality of links that point back to your website. The reinforcement given by these two specific aspects of online search increases the validity and trustworthiness of a website in the eyes of major search engines like Google. As one of many ranking factors, off page SEO is an incredibly productive way to enhance a practice’s visibility to patients online and grow their organic search traffic.

This service is an especially important part of ranking well within local search results. Your business information needs to remain as consistent and accurate as possible across all avenues of the web. Because your online footprint extends well beyond your website, patients may be finding information about you through a number of different listings. Whether you’ve recently changed practices, opened a new location, or just have never focused on listings before, now is the time to work with our SEO experts to make sure your listings are accurate and actively pointing users back to your website!  

Patrolling millions of websites isn’t easy, so Google is thankful when a medical website complies with its best practices, and usually responds by rewarding the website with excellent rankings. By identifying the technical elements such a page speed that search engines consider when evaluating your website, we’re able to successfully show your pages to potential patients searching for medical services nearby.

What good is all of this work if we can’t show you the results? While it is great to see basic information like your visitors, our account managers are able to give you closer insights into what exactly is driving patient leads directly to your site, including conversions such as phone calls and form submissions. Your dedicated point of contact at Practis will walk you through detailed analytics reports about your online properties and explain our recommendations on what your SEO lead intends to do in moving forward with optimizations.

Medical SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a service designed to improve search results for a particular business. This concept applies to any number of unique brands, companies, and even to medical professionals. While many physicians can achieve some notoriety in their community for their expertise and specialty services, SEO is able to broaden that reach across entire cities, states, or even the country.

When you’re building a new site or just looking to freshen up your current one, content should always be at the top of your list. While the importance of content doesn’t decrease dependence on the industry, there’s a lot to say about the strength of it when determining a healthcare website’s performance. From getting your rankings for a specific procedure up to page one, to making sure that you’re fully compliant, there are many steps that providers and practices need to consider when curating high quality content for their website.


If new patients are not able to find you online it is a huge loss for you and your practice, plain and simple. Even individuals who may be searching for you by name may only be able to find a few snippets of information, which rarely allows them to determine if you possess the qualities that they are looking for in their next doctor.
With over 80% of patients using online reviews to evaluate physicians, it’s important to understand how you are portrayed overall online, and not just through your primary website. These comments and evaluations are uniquely valuable to patients looking at how one provider compares to another, meaning that you are being directly measured against your top local competitors.
Fully optimizing a website that receives top marks from Google does not happen overnight. It of course takes time for our team members to build beautiful sites that function to the very best of their capacity, and then it takes a bit more for the pages within that site to prove their worth to search engines. SEO typically requires roughly 3-6 months before clients will begin to see their results reaching desired levels, though this can be expedited with a little help from online advertisements.
Anyone can create a Google Ads campaign and throw enough money at it to make their ads appear to users, but there are many important factors that healthcare providers should be fully aware of in order to make their ad campaign a success. Our specialists have a unique understanding of each and every one of these factors, which is what ultimately makes us the ideal choice for medical professionals seeking assistance with their online branding.

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