Medical Social Media Management

Developing an active social media presence should be one of the first things you do for your practice or medical group.

Every day patients turn to social media in search of recommendations on local healthcare providers. In fact, approximately 90% of older adults have used social media to share or look for health information — meaning that time spent promoting and engaging your brand on social media has never been more important.

Why is Social Media Needed for Doctors?

An inactive social media profile is almost as useless as not having one at all. Social media gives your practice the opportunity to connect with patients, reach a new audience of potential patients, and help solidify your brand. By creating and posting targeted social media content, you keep an ongoing relationship with existing patients while attracting new patients through social outlets.

We understand that practices or hospitals often don’t have the time or resources to manage their own social media presence. Our social media experts are here to help you manage these ever-changing platforms to keep your practice’s pages up-to-date with relevant and meaningful content.

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How Can Medical Practices Use Social Media to Grow a Following?

For social media to be effective for your medical practice, it needs to be authentic. That’s why our social strategy is built around efficient models, and helping you post high-quality, personalized content that showcases you, your staff, and your community influence. Some of the posts that we see generate greater engagement include:


Testimonials and success stories

Work anniversaries

Community participation

Office events

Health calendar events related to your specific specialty

Tips on how your patients can identify a condition you treat

New procedures your practice is performing

Practice milestones

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What Social Networks Should Medical Practices and Physicians Consider?

With plenty of social media outlets to choose from, it’s worth knowing the basics and what will make an impact before you invest time and resources into maintaining a profile. Depending on factors like your specialty, target audience, and the type of content you’d like to post, some networks may be better suited to you or your medical practice than others. Facebook and LinkedIn have a different target audience, and it’s rare to have users share the same content across both social media platforms.

What Types of Social Posts Help Create More Engagement?


Did you know that shared videos on social generate 12 times more shares than image and text posts combined? Video content is by far the most engaging type of content on the major social platforms and works to engage and attract users.


With such an influx of content on social media, it’s more difficult than ever for medical practices and physicians to stand out and get noticed. Facebook posts with images see much more engagement versus those without. You can make great impacts with high-quality stock images, but nothing connects with people on Facebook or Instagram like authentic, high-quality pictures of real people and your real office.

Links to Relevant Content

You can share links to informative healthcare articles or other relevant content on your social media platforms as a resource for your followers. This helps illustrate that you are active and are the area expert in your specialty.

Resharing Relevant Posts

Because your medical practice is part of a local community, there are opportunities for you to use your social media pages to engage with your community beyond the conditions you treat. Information that is shared with your fans and followers about what’s happening in your community can not only show your ties to what’s happening, but be an excellent source of engagement.

Why More Medical Groups are Choosing Practis

Enhanced Social Media Pages

Practis customizes your social media pages with banners, profile pictures, and content personalized to your practice’s brand.

Personalized Social Media Strategy

Our social media experts create a social media strategy based on your practice’s goals and make sure posts align with your tone of voice, values, and services.

Social Media Posts

Our social media experts develop social posts from high engagement sources to grow your presence and connect with your audience.

Monthly Blog Posts

Not only do blog posts highlight your services in an engaging way, but they add searchable pages to your website bringing in new traffic who want to learn more about the services you provide. When Practis handles your blogs, we will:

  • Add monthly blog posts tailored to your services and the conditions you treat
  • Strengthen your visibility on search results by positioning your practice as an industry thought leader in your field of medicine
  • Promote your blogs across your social media platforms to increase visitors to your site

Facebook Advertising

Get your message in front of your target audience faster and more efficiently with Facebook advertising. Our online marketing team is well versed in adjusting demographic and location data to ensure that each campaign pinpoint ads exactly where they will be most effective. When Practis runs your Facebook ad campaign, we will:

  • Research and create a strategy to get your information in the eyes of your ideal patients at the right time

  • Create a comprehensive strategy during the discovery process and beyond to ensure that the content resonates with your ideal audience

  • Share detailed reports and help explain each aspect so you understand how your Facebook ads are performing and share recommendations and suggestions from our social media experts