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A Proven Approach to Helping Dermatologists Grow Their Practice

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, having a well-planned digital marketing strategy ensures visibility and engagement with the target audience. However, a significant number of dermatologists haven’t embraced digital marketing as a tool for patient acquisition because they’re too busy running their practice.

That’s where Practis comes in. With 25 years of experience with marketing for dermatology practices, we understand the demographic of patients you aim to attract, the skin conditions they seek information on, and the specialized treatments and procedures you offer.

We’ve worked with dermatologists and dermatology practices across the U.S, and know what it takes to generate more patient leads to your practice through the web.

Right from the start, you can trust that you have a partner who will provide valuable guidance on aspects such as website content, architecture, UX/UI, and marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing for Dermatology

When it comes to online marketing for dermatology, Practis offers a variety of tools and services aimed at boosting the success of your dermatology practice. Here are some examples of what you can expect from us:

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  • Customized website design – We provide a mobile-friendly professional design that you own and that is specific to your dermatology practice. In addition, your website will be:
    • Ready to launch in as little as 30 days.
    • Compliant with HIPAA and accessibility guidelines.
    • Equipped with our user-friendly content management system, allowing you to effortlessly update its content whenever needed.
    • Packed with our award-winning design options.
  • Customized dermatology content – Our team of skilled content writers can create original content tailored specifically to meet the needs of your practice.
  • PPC Campaigns – We can execute targeted advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google and Facebook to reach desired audience.
  • Dermatology SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services:
    • Social media management – Today, social media platforms serve as significant sources of information. We can guarantee that your patients can locate you precisely where they’re searching.
    • Reviews management – Patient reviews play a crucial role in contemporary orthopedic marketing strategies. We can assist in soliciting reviews through your EHR and provide ongoing management.

But that’s not all – in addition to all this, you’ll get dedicated and continual support throughout the project and beyond, ensuring a seamless journey.

Results-Driven Digital Marketing & SEO for Your Dermatology Practice

Conventional dermatology advertising falls short of meeting modern expectations and driving substantial practice growth. To succeed in today’s digital landscape, you need a well-defined, patient-focused strategy tailored for dermatology digital marketing. 

At Practis, we recognize the distinctiveness of each practice and its individual requirements, and understand the importance of delivering personalized care to your patients. Just as you provide tailored treatment, your orthopedic practice merits a customized marketing approach to achieve tangible results and foster practice expansion.

You most likely spent a lot of time and effort building your reputation and practice. Developing an effective digital presence also takes work and time. With Practis, we get in under the hood to learn more about you, your passion, your success stories and what makes your practice unique in your market and then amplify that information consistently across your digital presence. With almost 25 years of helping dermatology groups market their practice, we know what works and can hit the ground running.

Marketing Dermatology Practices is What We Do

Prospective patients are increasingly turning to the web to seek medical care.  A professional-looking website should provide those visitors with a clear understanding of the excellent care you provide as well as a great user experience, regardless of the device that are using to view your site. Help them decide to call you to schedule their visit.

Get started building your Dermatology site with Practis

Getting your site ranked favorably is critical to your practice growth. In the U.S., there are millions of Google searches for a dermatologist each year. Therefore its mission-critical that your website is optimized properly for prospective patients who are searching online to find you. Search engine optimization, or SEO, will help to get your website ranked favorably. Targeting specific keywords related to your specialty and your locality, adding and optimizing content on topics you want to be found for, improving site page speed and user experience are all a part of SEO. If your search results are not where they need to be, Practis can help.

Learn how Practis can help improve SEO for your Dermatology practice

Similar to how your patients receive care from you tailored to their individual needs, your practice deserves a marketing plan that is tailored to meet your practice growth needs. Our team of medical writers will develop blog articles for you that are informative, engaging and sharable. Ongoing social posts from reputable sources, infographics as well as boosted posts all help to drive patient engagement.  If your social presence is not where it needs to be, Practis can help.

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Today dermatology practices provide comprehensive dermatologic care – from cosmetic procedures to MOHS surgery. When a patient feels comfortable with his or her’s dermatologist, they will likely become a life-long patient who makes referrals to family, friends, and those who they are connected via social media.

Many patients who are looking for a dermatologist near them go online to seek referrals and online reviews.  Those online reviews can exist in many places across the web – Google, HealthGrades, Facebook, physician and dermatology related directory sites. Therefore it is important that you manage your online reputation.

Learn how Practis can manage and enhance your online reviews

Dermatology content for your website and social media on a variety of topics covering screening, skin cancer prevention, conditions and treatment options.

Today you need to be an everywhere brand – getting in front of and connecting with prospective patients wherever they may be. Whether it’s a PPC campaign on Google for a specific service line in a target market or a social ad campaign on Facebook to drive awareness and engagement, Practis goes above and beyond by identifying the right medium for your message and pulsing that across your digital presence.

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Dermatology Marketing Services​

Coordinated efforts to drive results to acquire new patients

Website Design

Crafting dermatology websites requires a balance of informative content and visually appealing design for the target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Tailored dermatology SEO programs are crafted with the sole purpose of enhancing your online visibility and local search engine outcomes.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Optimizing multi-channel campaigns involves managing and testing ads to boost performance and enhance your click-through rate (CTR).

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