Patient Education Videos

Increase patient engagement, education and satisfaction with health videos

Patient education videos are the answer to today’s short attention spans and differences in how people learn. And research shows that well-designed medical videos deliver instructions more effectively. When patients view a video to learn about a health condition, treatment, medicines, or self-care, they are more likely to act on what they’ve seen.

Patient education videos on a number of health conditions and procedures.

These patient education videos can be licensed for display on your website, tablet, closed network TV system or in waiting room. Each module is:

  • Customized with your practice or hospital name and branding.
  • Each video is accompanied with a brochure that your visitors can print directly. It is customized with your name, contact information and website address.
  • Videos can be grouped into playlists and customized with other content such as physician videos, graphics and a call to action.


With affordable monthly licensing, you can display all the patient education videos you need. All animations are available in Spanish, at no added cost.

Display Options

  • Website
  • Android and Apple devices – download a mobile app and view your animated videos from your mobile devices.
  • Closed network TV system* –  videos to educate and engage your patients at the hospital bedside, in an ambulatory care facility or in your waiting room.
  • Waiting room  – Create your own ad-free waiting room television broadcasts. Select the procedures and condition videos that you need. Then combine our licensed videos with your YouTube videos and informational slides to create a looping presentation. You can run your broadcast in your waiting room to help educate your patients and promote you and your services. The easiest and least expensive option uses an app on Amazon’s $40 Fire TV Stick , Chromecast, or simply use a dedicated PC or Mac computer and run them from a free desktop application.

Healthwise Patient Education Videos

Evidence-based, URAC accredited health videos that help educate your patients on diagnoses, procedures, treatment options, prevention and health and wellness. Our comprehensive interactive patient education library of 600+ streaming videos, some in multiple languages, can be streamed right from your practice, hospital or healthcare website.

What you can expect

  • Evidenced-based and reviewed by accredited on-staff medical professionals
  • Automatically streams for easy integration into your website
  • Allows specific branding and customization for your medical organization
  • Automatically updated on an ongoing basis should any video you license be updated or recreated
  • Multilingual with native-language speakers

Types of patient education videos


Offer your audience “how to” instructions on a variety of topics. Seeing how conditions affect patients and how procedures are performed improves both learning and confidence.


Physiological and medical concepts can be difficult to explain—and hard for people to grasp. Animated analogies and eye-catching visuals clarify and shed light on complicated topics.


When a respected and trusted expert shares valuable information, people may find treatment options more acceptable, easier to understand, and less intimidating.


People facing medical procedures have many questions and concerns. Using videos to explain what will happen and why can help reduce any anxiety they may have.

Available Healthwise video topics

Licensing is for the entire library. You should work with your website developer to highlight those topics you wish to display on your website.