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Our Encounter platform allows you to easily add content to your existing website simply by using our content feed.

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Current available topics include:

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How it’s done

By adding a content feed to your website, content from our library will automatically display on your website. We will provide you with the code and documentation necessary for your website developer to add the library to your website. The Encounter CSS content feed is available in PHP API, iFrame embed and JavaScript formats. For those using WordPress, we now make it even easier to set up with our Encounter Health plug-in.

Three easy steps to take to get started

  • Complete our sign-up form.
  • Select which topics you would like to turn on.
  • Add content feed to your website. Our content feed is available as an iframe embed, JavaScript and WordPress plug-in.

Once we receive your request, someone from our team will be in touch to confirm your subscription.


Activation Fee

Account activation fee starts at $250, $50 per month. Please contact us for questions on pricing.

Implementing & Testing

Keep in mind that your website developer may also charge a fee for their time spent implementing and testing the content feed.

Automatic Billing

Please note that all billing is automatically handled through credit card or EFT.

No Long-Term Contracts

There are no long-term contracts and you can easily suspend your account with a 30 day advanced written notice.

Not seeing the content you need?

Submit what procedures or content you’d like to add to your site along with contact information for the company that provides it. We would be happy to reach out to them on your behalf to get them added to our library!