About our Partner Program

More Patients, More Procedures by Enabling Your Affiliated Physicians

Physicians are able to perform more complex procedures with greater ease. Previously unmet clinical needs of patients are now finally able to be addressed – that is, if these patients, are fully aware of the latest breakthrough medical solution. That’s where a Practis Partner program and Encounter Health comes in.

A Practis Partner program brings knowledge of these breakthrough procedures and therapies into the lives of those who need it most – patients right through your local distribution channel – your physician and hospital customer.

Why it matters

Its a win for everyone. Developing a Practis Partner Digital Marketing Program provides benefits to every party involved:
  • health care companies who wish to build their brand awareness and drive demand for their product.
  • local providers of care who need a deep, content-rich website and effective online marketing to educate potential patients, market these procedures, and build patient demand.
  • local distributors who need a deep, content-rich website and effective online marketing to market your products, and build demand.
  • consumers are online seeking information about treatment alternatives. With your product information available on your customers’ websites, patients can find information more easily… and locally.  This also improves the visibility of those who are providing your treatment directly to patients.

Who is a candidate?

If you fall into any of the following categories, you would be a good candidate for an Practis Partner program.

  • Manufacturers of medical devices, aesthetics, medical supplies and equipment
  • Hospital systems with multiple locations and or affiliated physician practices
  • Acute/senior care services
  • Hearing companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Genetic testing
  • DME, health product manufacturers and suppliers
  • National or regional brands offering health services (hospital systems, diagnostic imaging post-acute care, etc)

How is our partner program different?

With over 25 years experience helping other Practis partners design a customized solution specific to their needs, our program is different in that it is focused on:

Driving Long-Term Results

through patient awareness, education, and engagement

Manage & Measure Results

through one convenient dashboard

Providing Flexibility

as healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. This requires a program that is scalable and flexible to quickly adapt.

Ensuring Compliance

with government regulations

Providing Information on many of the new treatments

available that are not often included with existing patient education sources.