Website Design Showcase: Top 3 Pediatric Website Designs

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A well-designed website is an important part of any successful pediatric practice. A good website should not only convey the practice’s “personality”, but it should also instill a sense of trust to visitors that their children are in good hands.

Unlike e-commerce websites that are routinely updated, medical websites fall victim to a “set it and forget it” mindset. Because of this, it’s easy for medical practices to fall behind on keeping their practice website up to date on the latest design standards. Don’t let this happen to you. Get inspired by taking a look at a few good pediatric website examples.

A good pediatric website serves three primary things:

  • Attract new patients
  • Provide online access to helpful child health information and practice resources such as a patient portal, bill pay, HIPAA compliant chat and web-based forms
  • Serve as a virtual channel to communicate important information

Not keeping your website up-to-date means missing out on opportunities to attract new patients and better serve existing ones. This is most evident to parents who view your site on a phone or tablet. Not only are more users accessing your practice information from a small screen, but they have been doing so for a while.   For pediatric practices, mobile users represent 75-80% of your overall traffic making a well-designed mobile site essential for your practice.

So how can you judge a good pediatric website? Let’s take a look at three pediatric websites that stand out from the crowd.

1. Genesis Pediatrics

Genesis Pediatrics

The Genesis Pediatrics website takes advantage of its “healthy, vibrant brand” – aka, the apple. The images and icons used throughout the site all tie back to its brand.  The colors used on their site were tested to ensure compliance with WCAG (accessibility standards). This allows those visitors with visual impairments better access to the site.  Their color scheme was used to visually break up long pages of content into different sections, making the site easier to read. Visual queues are used throughout the site to draw the visitor’s attention to helpful online resources such as requesting an appointment, paying a bill, or accessing child health information.  This layout holds whether your visitor is accessing this information from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Genesis Pediatrics website has a well-executed mobile navigation that is positioned on the upper right as a hamburger menu that always stays fixed to the top of the screen as you scroll down the page. Finally, on mobile, there is an app-like interface that allows users on mobile devices to click to call, view directions, access their portal or request an online appointment.

2.  Lake Forest Pediatrics

LakeForest Pediatrics is another good example of a pediatric website built with mobile-first in mind. This website uses high-quality images throughout the site that rotate based on the season, practice marketing initiatives, or information that needs to be communicated to parents. These images draw the visitor in and drive traffic to key areas of the site.

In addition to its mobile-friendly design, the site boasts a soothing light color palette. Building effective calls to action under the home page banner drives traffic to those highly visited features of their site. The layout includes a content block that features their online COVID Resource Center where ongoing updates and resources are posted by the practice.

3. Central Florida Pediatric Associates

Central Florida Peds

Central Florida Pediatric Associates is a federally certified pediatric rural health clinic in Central Florida. Their mobile-friendly pediatric website sports a Floridian color scheme of blue, white, tangerine and green and features an online directory for parents to easily locate provider and location information. Color is creatively used to designate and define office locations. A streamlined card-like layout on their parent resources area allows users to easily locate important information such as immunization schedules, dosage charts, forms and more.

Powered by their provider location directory feature, each office location automatically displays and links to associated providers for that specific practice location. Provider profiles also automatically display associated location details for each provider.

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