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Imagine your appointment calendar filling up with qualified patient leads.

Adding a hosted online quiz or health assessment form to your website or Facebook page encourages patient engagement and generates leads.

Research has shown that thinking or talking about ourselves releases endorphins in our brains, triggering positive emotional feelings. We search for information that confirms our preexisting beliefs. Scored online quizzes fulfill that need.

How health quizzes and health assessments benefit

Instead of just handing over contact information, users are engaged by answering probing questions from your quiz. This can help your user better understand that they have a problem that needs addressing.

Whether on social media or your website, an online quiz or scored health assessment form can provide immediate, personalized feedback and recommendations. A quiz allows users to quickly get personalized feedback, creating a positive reward for their investment of time. Based on how the user answers quiz questions, personalized results can suggest educational resources and offer a secure way to reach out.

Whether embedded on social media or your own website, your online quiz or scored health assessment form needs to ensure patient privacy. Based on how the user answers quiz questions, personalized results can be tied to a HIPAA compliant form to request an appointment, helping to increase the number of patient leads. Only you and your staff have access to review appointment requests and survey submissions. This helps to qualify leads and identify the best approach. All results from your forms are tracked and reported to you, showing exactly how many patients our online Medical Online Marketing Program is generating for you.

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Understand your patients’ needs and generate more leads

Today patient engagement is one of the most important trends in healthcare. By connecting with, educating and servicing your patients through the use of online quizzes, you can promote wellness, improve outcomes and build brand loyalty.

Engagement can take the form of a targeted Facebook quiz, an online health risk assessment form, patient education and more. These tools empower patients with the information they need to manage their conditions and live healthier lives.

Design your HIPAA compliant quiz or survey

Practis Quizzes as a HIPAA-compliant solution that allows you to safeguard the personal information collected through your online health assessment and social media quiz.

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