Provider Directory

An easy-to-implement, fully customizable online provider directory

As the foundation of your website and overall digital presence, your online provider directory or surgeon locator is key to driving conversion. As a WordPress plug-in, Practis Directory is designed to be a central source for all your provider and location data.

Developed specifically for medical groups, hospitals, and device companies, Practis Directory is an easy-to-implement, fully customizable online provider and location directory feature for your WordPress site.

Used by a growing number of healthcare organizations nationwide, Practis Directory ensures you have everything you need to attract, engage, and convert health consumers. It also allows you to support and build your referral network by enabling referring physicians to find the right provider for their patients.

Practis Directory

Practis Provider Directory Features

Easy & intuitive search for provider & location data using desired criteria

Allow your users to easily search by a location “near me”, desired condition, provider name and or specialty. Detailed provider profiles not only display credentialing, contact and insurance information but also demonstrates expertise. Capitalize on the power of online reviews by adding that data to your doctor profiles.

Increase and track conversion

Increase conversions with online appointment scheduling through your existing patient portal or HIPAA compliant online appointment form. Your provider directory is key to connecting your promotion efforts to recurring revenue.

Schema enhanced provider and location profiles for better search results

Practis Directory is built with enhanced search results in mind. Support and improve your provider’s search engine results by including markup (schema) on provider and location profiles and optimizing profile meta titles, descriptions and SEO-friendly URLs.

Easy-to-install WordPress plugin

An easy-to-implement tool that allows healthcare organizations to add and update provider and location information on their medical or dental website. Best of all, Practis Directory plugin can be added to any WordPress website.

Investing in your online provider directory is a must.

It’s easy to get started. Reach out to Practis for more information on licensing our provider directory plugin.

Our expert team and industry-leading tool are ready to improve your providers’ rankings in search, drive more patients to your organization, and track your results. Contact us today to get started.