When & Why You Need to Refresh Your Medical Website

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You need to continually refresh your website to maintain credibility. Patients are not going to trust outdated information, old images, or stale content. In fact, they may even get the impression that your practice is not operating at peak performance or keeping up with the latest healthcare trends and procedures.

Practis knows the best practices for modern websites and we can help. Here are 3 signs you may need a website refresher now.

1. Old dates

Check the bottom of your website. There is usually a copyright symbol. Is yours updating regularly or is is stuck in the past? This can be a subtle sign that things are going stale.

You may also have old dates from reviews or patient testimonials. If you have had the same quotes for years, it may be time to ask patients for some new feedback.

You may have content on your website about how many years you have been in business. Is it still 10, or maybe it’s closer to 15 now. Old dates can make your website feel like a dinosaur fast.

2. Dated images or styles

Trends online change just as fashion and styles. Is your website using colors that feel dated? We can help you find a template that fits your brand and image but also gives you a lift.

There may be old pictures of your providers with old fashioned hair styles or photo editing. Headshots should also be updated every couple of years. Appearances and features change as we age. If your headshot is over 5 years old,  consider getting a more recent one. You want your image online to reflect the you patients will be greeted by in person now.

If you have updated your logo, this is another clear sign your website needs a refresh. You can also consider new location images if things have changed in the area where you are located.

Stock images can also grow stale and look dated. Consider using real images from a professional that feels more genuine and authentic.

3. Lack of new procedures

If you have expanded treatments or procedures, make sure it is reflected on your website. This includes hours, locations, or number of providers.

Word of mouth news travels quickly. Someone may have heard about a new physican at your office or a new treatment for their condition. Naturally, patients will google this news to fact check what they have heard and learn more.  If you do not have an announcement of this doctor or he/she is not listed among the providers, this prospective patient may turn elsewhere.

If you have new technology available at your location, be sure to feature it. Some patients are searching for a location that provides certain testing, advanced equipment, minimally surgeries, etc. Even if your location offers these, the patient may not know when looking on your website.

How often do I need to refresh my website?

This depends on how quickly your practice is growing and expanding. If you are hiring new providers regularly, this refresh should happen regularly. However, if your practice is in a period of sustainability, you may have a bit of time before you may need to update.

We recommend updating your website at least every year to stay on top of the latest trends, top medical website features, new compliance standards, and to give your patients the most accurate information.

If you already have the framework in place, a simple refresh can be fairly straightforward. It can give your practice a new look and new energy.

Help is available. Practis is here to analyze your website, speak with you about your goals, and make a medical website refresh for your practice a reality.