5 Modern Strategies for Effective Healthcare Marketing

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The Power of Compelling Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

As a practice owner, you might have noticed that some of the marketing tactics you used in the past are no longer producing the results you expect. Don’t worry – that’s par for the course with medical marketing. If you want to stand out, captivate potential patients, and grow your practice in 2024, you’re going to need a healthcare marketing strategy that’s fresh and focused.

Healthcare marketing strategies and techniques are constantly evolving, and no practice owner has time to single-handedly develop a new plan every few months. Thankfully, Practis has your back with on-trend and ahead-of-the-curve strategies you can be proud of while staying aligned with your values and loyal to your marketing budget.

Creative Healthcare Marketing Strategies for 2024

Every year, medical marketing becomes more exciting and powerful. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to share your mission and vision, engage with potential patients, build relationships, and get new patients in the door. Below are five modern strategies that can help your practice rise above the competition and maintain your reputation as a knowledgeable, compassionate resource patients can trust.

1. High-Quality Educational Content

The internet is full of information, but healthcare content is unique. Because of its sensitive and high-stakes nature, it has to speak with authority, professionalism, and empathy. Patients appreciate being able to access blogs, videos, and social media posts that speak to their unique needs in a knowledgeable, human way. 

Building a catalog of blogs, keeping your website updated with fresh content, and staying on top of social media engagement all take an investment of time and intentionality. Fortunately, Practis can supply high-quality medical content while you focus on providing high-quality care. 

2. Enhanced Waiting Room Experience

Your online presence matters, but your waiting room environment and experience are critical, too. As a practice owner, you no doubt understand how important first in-person impressions are, but you could be missing out on some opportunities to impress and instill patience from the comfort of your front lobby.

In your waiting room, your commitment to patient care can shine through in several ways:

  • Free Wi-Fi that allows patients to be productive while they wait
  • Signage, brochures, and television programs that offer helpful information, patient testimonials, or educational videos that are highly valuable to your patients
  • Readily available information that showcases your services and unique area of expertise
  • A pleasant, comfortable environment with temperature control and a soothing atmosphere
  • Friendly, attentive front-desk staff who keep patients updated and reassured

3. Make the Most of Messaging Apps

HIPAA-compliant chat, text, virtual visits, and reminders vastly improve patient communication within your practice. Making good use of these features helps your staff save valuable time, decreases the number of no-shows, and streamlines communication between care teams, referring providers, and patients.

Practis can help you integrate the following messaging features at your practice:

  • Video chat virtual visits for face-to-face patient visits from any device
  • A web chat feature for your website that converts visitors into patients
  • A unified inbox to help seamlessly connect multiple practice email addresses
  • An AI Chatbox on your site that automatically responds to frequently asked questions

4. Get Social Media Savvy

More and more, patients are turning to social media for medical information and advice. As a practice owner, you don’t have to personally be social media savvy. However, you do need a social media presence that’s captivating, professional, and full of relevant content. That’s where the Practis team comes in. We offer social media management services to help you connect with new patients, reach a broader audience, and build trust.

Through social media, we can help you keep patients informed about:

  • New services, offerings, or promotions
  • Health calendar events related to your specialty
  • Tips on how to identify conditions you treat
  • Inspiring testimonials and success stories
  • The story of you, your practice, and your mission & vision

5. Explore Video Marketing

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools for engaging audiences online, and healthcare patients are no exception. There are many different ways you might use video to capture attention, build trust, and spread awareness. 

Consider the following medical video marketing methods to help grow your practice in 2024:

  • YouTube is a great place to share knowledge and expertise in your field
  • Social media video content is popular and powerful when used in a savvy manner
  • An intro video on your website’s home page offers a creative glimpse into what makes your practice unique
  • Emails with the word “video” in the subject line have been shown to significantly increase open rates

If you’re unsure how to incorporate video into your healthcare marketing strategy, don’t worry. The experts at Practis can assess how video can be optimized to improve your website, increase social media engagement, and help you connect with more people than ever before. 

Revitalize Your Healthcare Marketing Today

If you feel like your healthcare marketing plan is in a slump, get excited. Dissatisfaction with your current strategies opens the door to so many new things! And you don’t have to blindly try different methods until something works. The healthcare experts at Practis will perform a free growth assessment and build a medical marketing strategy uniquely tailored to your offering and goals. 

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