What is Medical Marketing, Anyway?

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How Healthcare Advertising Empowers Patients

Healthcare advertising, also known as medical marketing, takes many different forms. From raising patient awareness to encouraging community engagement to expressing the vision and mission of a practice, medical marketing is a powerful tool when properly harnessed. 

Most importantly, medical marketing is always about connection. When your messaging is on-point and your strategies are savvy, you can connect to the right patients at exactly the right time. Though navigating the ever-changing landscape of medical marketing has its challenges, the specialists at Practis can help you make the most of the latest and greatest tools and techniques. 

Medical Marketing Benefits

Done effectively and strategically, medical marketing has many benefits:

  • Patient engagement and connection: Other practices are utilizing medical marketing to connect with prospective and existing patients. That means if you aren’t, you’re falling behind. The online space is full of opportunities to connect with patients in a human, empathetic way, forming the foundation for a lasting relationship.
  • Build patient trust: When your values, mission, and vision come through in your marketing messaging, it helps build confidence and trust in your patients. Other factors, like a professional website, great online reviews, and a quick response time all help contribute to that budding trust. 
  • Grow your practice and maintain your competitive edge: While building patient trust and forming a strong connection, you are also growing your practice and strengthening your reputation. With the right website, social presence, online reviews, and marketing strategies, you can attract your ideal patients and get them in the door. 

Healthcare Marketing Examples

Raising Awareness

Some of the most memorable healthcare advertising efforts involve raising public awareness. One great example is New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Patient Story campaign. Through a series of intensely human and compelling individual stories, the hospital brought awareness to its values, mission, and vision, along with how its team treats specific conditions and illnesses.

Influencing Patient Behavior

Another popular healthcare advertising technique is using striking messaging to encourage people to change their behavior. This type of healthcare advertising includes ads that urge and inspire people to make healthy lifestyle changes, adopt new wellness-centric habits, look out for children’s safety, etc. These advertising strategies often tie in closely with raising awareness.

Digital Outreach and Messaging

As a practice owner, mastering digital outreach and messaging is essential if you want to stay competitive and relevant. The purpose of digital outreach and messaging is to drive patient attention, acquisition, and retention. Digital marketing is an essential tool for practice owners, leveraging various channels like search, social, email, and SMS (text) to connect with patients at every stage of their wellness journey. 

Medical Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Website Design and Development

It’s easy to see your website as a necessary evil – something you don’t have time to refresh or maintain. But most patients will visit your website before they ever step foot in your office. That’s why your site has to make a good first impression. 

Practis offers medical website design and development with the following features and benefits:

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Medical SEO
  • Professionally designed layouts
  • Engaging healthcare content and a variety of interactive features
  • Designed with healthcare compliance in mind, including HIPAA

Social Media Management

As a practice owner, it’s unlikely you have time to nurture your social media following. Luckily, the team at Practis can do it for you. After all, no social media is probably better than neglected or poorly managed social media. Every aspect of your online presence speaks volumes to potential patients, and social media is no exception. 

Through social media management, a professional medical marketing team can help you develop an active social media presence, reach a new audience, and grow your following. The positive results are numerous, including increased patient trust, boosted community participation, and enhanced empowerment and education among patients.

Online Review Management

Review management, also known as reputation management, is critical in our digital age. Often, practice owners believe they’re at the mercy of their online reviews – good or bad, numerous or nonexistent. However, professional online review management puts the power back in your hands.

Practis can help you develop and nurture a robust online reputation with Practis Reviews. Our reputation management strategy includes developing HIPAA-compliant responses to your reviews, savvy campaigns that request and generate reviews, and patient satisfaction surveys. Plus, we’ll stay on top of your reviews, consistently checking for areas that need improvement.

Paid Search

Paid search, also known as medical pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is an affordable, predictable way to grow your practice in 2024. By targeting your ideal patient, PPC allows you to maximize your marketing budget and your leads. 

The Practis team can help by creating eye-catching PPC ads that reach your target audience and compel them to book an appointment. We’ll handle the entire campaign from start to finish, identifying strong conversion opportunities and achieving heavy market saturation for your services and offerings. 

Exceed Your Growth Goals With a Little Help From Practis

Whether you’re interested in PPC, a website refresh, social management, or reputational help, Practis is on the job. Our skilled team of medical marketing professionals will develop a custom strategy for reaching and exceeding your growth goals, nurturing patient trust, and maintaining your critical competitive edge. Give us a call today to get started!