Using Video Content to Improve Your Websites SEO

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As more and more folks use the web to search for healthcare information, its more important than ever to consider how can you improve your practice website so that it not only shows up in search results but also stands out.

With SEO, there are a number of strategies for improving your site’s domain authority. Those strategies typically include using high search, low competition keywords on your site, adding in-depth content, improving layout as well as adding engaging content, such as videos. When it comes to video content, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Creating video content for your medical website

When its time to create video content, a good place to start is to think about what types of questions come in  everyday to your front desk staff. Recording answers to those frequently asked questions provides you with a great list of video topics to post to your site. Each topic can be its own video or you can group them. Best of all, you don’t need a professional to create your videos. Simply grab a cell phone and record a staff member who can clearly answer the questions.  Once you download a YouTube app to your phone and connect your phone to your YouTube account, you can upload your video file and tag it.

Provide a keyword rich text description

When ranking sites for the web, Google automatically crawls your website to determine what content exists on each page. This allows Google to refer visitors to the most appropriate page of your website. Since Google can’t crawl your videos, it is a good idea to include a text description, or possibly a transcript, to each video. By doing so, Google can better index the content from your videos as well as all the associated keyword phrases. Together this can help to boost your SEO.

Embed video throughout your website

One key factor used by Google to rank sites is the length of time visitors stay on a page. By adding video to your website, your visitors attention can be held longer as they take time to watch your video. With the proper integration of video content throughout your site, you can keep visitors on your site longer, increasing your average site visit time and, over time, your search rank.

Share your videos

If you’re actively marketing your practice on Twitter or Facebook, use of video content should extend to these social media sites as well. Improved page rank will occur when other sites link to your site. By leveraging all of your digital properties to increase exposure, will not only get more potential patients to see your videos, but will help your website to perform better in search.

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