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Wellness Awareness & Your Practice

Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous spike in conversations around wellness. This trend has huge potential for good but involves plenty of misinformation. As a practice owner, the increased interest in wellness presents an exciting opportunity: You can attract new patients by sharing high-quality content that meets the public’s growing demand for wellness-themed information.

Say, for example, you’d like to grow your practice in 2024. Maybe you’ve set a goal of increasing your patients by 15% over the next six months. Health and wellness marketing can help you tap into the public’s growing demand for trustworthy tips and treatments, attracting new patients and boosting your reputation. 

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits. As a practice owner, I welcome good news from patients’ proactive approach to their health. The more people take an interest in their health, the more diligent they will be with scheduling appointments, getting checkups, investing in high-quality devices, and building relationships with trusted medical professionals. 

Wellness encompasses all kinds of healthy habits, including those contributing to physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial health. The more people show interest in healthy habits and lifestyles, the more wellness becomes contagious. In families, communities, and beyond, a commitment to wellness helps improve health outcomes and create a higher quality of life for everyone. 

How Did Wellness Get So Popular?

Wellness has been gaining traction since the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. However, wellness awareness increased significantly during and after the pandemic. Many people’s mental and physical health took a huge hit, not to mention their social and financial health. This and the vast number of health-related conversations increasing on social media helped create a historic health and wellness boom. 

While it’s generally optimistic that the public has an increased interest in their mental and physical health, social media lends itself to misinformation. It can be challenging to wade through all the pseudo-science, dangerous fads, and worthless devices and supplements. As a practice owner, the wellness craze allows you to speak the truth and debunk false information, providing an invaluable service to your community and beyond.

Health And Wellness Marketing

Health and wellness marketing is unique. The content you’re sharing is valuable, and you need to strike a balance between knowledgeable, empathetic, and inspirational. Wellness generally involves lifestyle changes, new habits, and a shift in awareness or perspective. You can inspire people to take charge of their health and make better choices with the right tone and strategies. 

Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to reach people interested in health and wellness. A recent survey shows nearly 1 in 4 Americans turn to social media for health advice. It’s a concerning trend considering the vast amount of misinformation – but it’s also an opportunity for you to meet patients where they are and encourage them to book appointments with a professional. 

Health and wellness social media marketing can help you:

  • Position your health and wellness or ENT practice as the go-to experts in your area
  • Increase patient engagement and loyalty
  • Establish a reputation as a knowledgeable, trusted voice in the health and wellness sphere
  • Stay top-of-mind with your patients
  • Increase website traffic and lead to more appointments each month

Health and Wellness Website Design

Before driving new traffic to your website, ensure it’s tip-top. Otherwise, potential patients are bound to click away. If you haven’t refreshed your website in a while or don’t have up-to-date blogs and videos, call MedPB today.

A well-designed health and wellness website can help you:

  • Generate new patient leads
  • Establish yourself as a trusted authority through high-quality blogs
  • Reassure new patients with a beautiful, professional design that reflects your high standards

Email Marketing

Health and wellness email marketing keeps the educational and promotional content coming when your audience needs it most! Since the public is hungry for information on health and wellness, automated email campaigns are an excellent way to help them feel supported. The more they learn, the more they will see you as an invaluable resource and trusted authority in your field.

Best of all, an email can serve as a friendly reminder that you’re there if your patients need you. Recently, one of our clients sent a birthday email to a long-time patient, and he immediately booked an appointment. He was elderly and relayed to his doctor that it was the only birthday message he had received. It also reminded him that he needed a checkup! Never underestimate the power of helping your patients feel validated and seen.

Upgrade Your Health And Wellness Marketing With Practice

If you’re ready to tap into the public’s obsession with health and wellness, call Practis. We’ll develop a custom health and wellness marketing strategy built around your unique practice growth goals for 2024. Book a call now to get started!