Driving Pediatric Practice Growth in the New Year

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Want to grow your pediatric practice for the new year? We’ve got all the tips you need for your pediatric office’s website, SEO, and Social Media.

You don’t have to be big on resolutions to maximize the energy and momentum behind a new calendar year. After all, any “fresh start” season is an opportunity to re-evaluate, re-think, and make the most of the moment. For example, as a pediatrician, you might be wondering how to drive growth, expand your reach, and bring more kids under your care in 2024.

As you might have guessed, new marketing strategies are key if you want to take your practice to the next level. What worked last year might be irrelevant today, and strategies that once yielded positive outcomes might need an upgrade or a total overhaul. Not to mention, pediatric marketing is unique, and finding the perfect blend of kid-friendly, parent-pleasing content is a fine art. 

Your Pediatric Website in 2024: New Year, New Patients

With websites, it’s tempting to “set it and forget it.” But neglecting a prime opportunity for a powerful refresh is a mistake you can’t afford to make. If you haven’t scrutinized your site in a while, it’s a great place to start. 

Pediatric website essentials at a glance:

    • Patient-centric content: The best websites empower patients by introducing them to resources, information, and educational tools relevant to their health and treatment. 
    • Great design: Appealing, intuitive design matters. Patients need to be able to navigate your page quickly and easily, and they also need to feel your authority and professionalism in a tangible way.
    • Clear call-to-action: Patients shouldn’t have to search high and low for your phone number or contact info when they’re on your website. If they do, they’ll bounce. 
    • Trusted authority: The layout and language of your website should instill a high level of trust. You should come across as knowledgeable, warm, accessible, caring, and consummately professional.
    • Relevant topics: Having a good variety of topics increases the likelihood of hooking an ideal patient. When people find solid, helpful information full of valuable insights, they’ll associate that positive experience with your practice and, ultimately, with you. 

Getting the Most Out of Pediatric SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a cost-effective, efficient way to boost both traffic and online visibility for your pediatric practice. While most people know SEO improves search rankings, it’s important to note that expert SEO strategies don’t just drive traffic, they source high-quality patients genuinely interested in your unique offering. 

SEO can benefit your pediatric practice in the following ways:

  • Builds practice  authority in your local market
  • Optimizes the relevance of your content for the people searching for your services
  • Drives new (high-quality) traffic/leads to your website
  • Creates a more positive, impactful patient experience from the very beginning
  • Supports patients in their search for relevant content and answers their questions

If you get the feeling SEO best practices are always changing, that’s because they are. But you don’t have to spend your precious little free time (if you even have any) brushing up on the latest SEO strategies. The SEO experts at Practis are on the job. 

Expert Social Media Management for Pediatricians

Social media matters. Globally, 4.8 billion people use social media, and parents tend to be big fans. Parents use a variety of social media platforms to keep in touch with friends and family and to gather information – particularly information relevant to their kids.

If your social media presence lacks luster, it can reflect negatively on your pediatric practice. What’s more, it’s a huge missed opportunity to attract families that need what you’re offering. Expert social media management gives you a tailored marketing plan complete with compelling blogs, consistent social posts, and boosted patient engagement. If your social media presence isn’t up to par, Practis can help

Creative Content Marketing for the Win

It’s a new year, and it’s the perfect time to look over your content. Ideally, your pediatric website and social media accounts should cover a wide variety of compelling, relevant topics to child and family health. Creativity is key, ensuring parents have a chance to find what they need, collect valuable insight, and come to associate your practice with helpful, essential information.

The right pediatric marketing team can add immense value through features like:

  • A child health library that covers a wide variety of children’s health topics
  • Blogs, infographics, and social posts that are creative, captivating, and custom-tailored
  • Patient education videos on highly-searched topics like car seat safety, breastfeeding, fevers in children, and more
  • Intake forms and well-child visit forms for optimal convenience and improved efficiency
  • Online bill pay to make parents’ lives that much easier.

If it’s starting to sound like successful pediatric marketing requires a ton of knowledge, expertise, and attention, that’s because it does. Luckily, the experts at Practis are here to hone your New Year’s marketing strategy with meticulous care and diligence so you can focus on the families in your care. 

The Raw Power of PPC for Pediatricians

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a powerful marketing tool that happens to be incredibly cost-effective. That makes it a favorite among pediatricians looking to broaden their reach on a budget. A solid PPC strategy finds the right medium for your message and gets the word out about your unique offering.

Practis specializes in expert PPC campaigns with:

  • Immediate Visibility: As soon as it launches, your PPC campaign makes you visible to patients – a huge benefit for growth-driven new practices or established practices eager to expand.
  • High Probability of Conversion: Precise keyword targeting means your ads are in front of patients seeking your specific pediatric services, increasing conversions.
  • Budget Control: You get total control over your ad spend, with daily or monthly limits to help you stay on budget.
  • Measurable Results: Comprehensive performance metrics offer essential insight into clicks, conversions, etc., fueling data-driven strategies that make a difference.

2024: Get Discovered (With Some FREE Help from Practis)

People know about you, but you’re eager to usher more families through your doors. If you’d love for 2024 to be the year your business “gets discovered,” Practis can help. Professional pediatric marketing strategies can support your clinic in new and exciting ways, breathing fresh life into your practice. Don’t forget to head over to our blog for more insight, tips, and information on all things marketing.

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