5 Ways to Increase Practice Value with Marketing

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To succeed in the competitive healthcare industry, a management services organization (MSO) must have a strong infrastructure in place. Given that one of the main goals of an MSOs is to increase revenue, one way they can effectively do this is through marketing.

In order to maximize value creation, it is essential to have a scalable digital marketing strategy in place that is flexible and can be easily implemented as new acquisitions are made. MSOS must be able to grow while still maintaining a consistent and effective marketing approach.

5 ways to increase the value of your medical practice through marketing include:


1. Develop a strong digital presence

One of the best ways to add value through marketing is your website.  This means having a clear brand that can easily integrate new acquisitions and support your patient acquisition goals. By creating a professional medical website and maintaining active social media accounts, a medical practice can improve its visibility and attract new patients. This can also include search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the practice’s visibility in search. 

2. Build a strong online reputation 

By consistently delivering high-quality care and consistently providing excellent customer service, your medical practice can build a strong reputation in the community, which can increase its value.

3. Nurture a strong patient-customer base

Marketing campaigns that target specific demographics and are valuable to the patient helps build referrals and returning patients to your practice. 

If your practice has just partnered with an MSO, your post-acquisition marketing strategy should focus on retaining and growing the current patient customer base of the acquired company.

4. Create a strong brand

Developing a strong brand and consistently communicating the practice’s unique value proposition, your medical practice can differentiate itself from other groups, and increase its value.

5. Tap into the power of SEO

Majority of the traffic on the web to healthcare websites is driven through Google.  Your practice can earn customers if your website content stands out to Google’s ranking algorithm and not just in an aesthetic way. Google algorithms shift over time to deliver more personalized targeted results based on search queries. For practices to thrive today, they must be on top of the latest trends with semantic seo

A scalable strategy also includes having systems and processes in place to handle an increase in demand, such as automation and data analysis tools. By using technology, a business can scale its efforts more easily, as tasks can be automated and data can be analyzed in real-time. This allows a business to make data-driven decisions and optimize its marketing efforts for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Overall, increasing the value of a medical practice through marketing involves using a mix of tactics and technology but the best ways are through a strong online presence to attract new patients, differentiating from competitors, utilizing technology, and consistently measuring and analyzing results.