Why Using HTTPS is Important for My Medical Website

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You’ve probably seen the tiny green lockbox icon pop up in your URL bar as you log-in to your email or bank account, but did you know the importance of this icon and why it’s displayed?

What is HTTPS?

For all intents and purposes, HTTPS (https://domainname.com) is the same as a site without the lockbox (HTTP), but it’s a secure version. The information being shared by the user to your website will now become encrypted. 

All this means is that the information transmitted cannot be intercepted by a third party and, thereby, make your site more trustworthy. Recently this has not only become a way for people to know a site’s safe, but now it’s a way to rank.

So how does HTTPS help you?

In addition to safeguarding how data such as electronic protected health information (ePHI) is transmitted over the web, Google recently declared HTTPS to be a ranking factor for your website. That means your website gets a slight boost in terms search engine results.

Since then, many have been slowly migrating their sites to a more secure connection because, as we know, the internet is a high-traffic entity and you want your users to be safe when they visit your site.

While the process isn’t industry specific, the healthcare industry commonly transmits confidential information. This, along with HIPAA compliance, will allow your site to be deemed secure on all levels. Not to mention, you reap the benefits from SEO as well with increased rankings, referrer data security, and an overall better reputation.

A few things to know

  • Follow Google’s best practices.  When switching from HTTP to HTTPS, there are a set of rules that come with it. Let us handle it for you, and you’ll be smooth sailing.
  • Check your links often.  When adding a link to your site, check it periodically. One of the easiest ways to lose a potential patient is to lead them on a goose chase to find the information needed—or infect their computer.
  • Keep it simple.   Your site is meant to be user friendly on ALL levels. Watch the content that you’re adding to make sure it will be good for those using your site. Not sure how? Reach out to us and we’ll walk through your analytics to figure out user patterns!

Are you ready to have a secure site? We can help.

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