Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead for Medical Practices

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Email marketing isn’t dead for medical groups. Just as with most things in technology, email has evolved in the last few years. It’s important to keep up-to-date with the changes so you aren’t sending dinosaur emails that go unread and waste your time. Here are a few tips that will improve your email marketing efforts.

1. Make sure you have permission to send

It seems like everywhere you go, you are asked to give your email address. Sometimes it can be unclear what your email will be used for.

It is especially critical in the medical field to make sure you have permission to send marketing emails to your newsletter subscribers.

If you have a clear opt-in for emails, this means your email campaigns will only be sent to users who are interested in your messages.  It may be as easy as simply adding a question to add to your website appointment or contact form or on your new patient paperwork. This also ensures you are compliant with the law.

Also, don’t forget to use marketing software that is GDPR compliant.

2. Format your newsletter for mobile with pizazz!

There are 4 billion email users and 99 percent of people check their email every day.

What’s important to note is that many people now have smartphones and check email on a personal mobile device, not a desktop.

This means that as you design and write your email communication, format it for a mobile device. Choose a template that can transition seamlessly.

Just because you are sending emails about medical marketing topics doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging. Find images and formats that are clean, hip, and full of pizazz. These should be eye-catching and easy to navigate. Long text is outdated and will be ignored.

73% of millennials prefer email communication when receiving marketing material, according to Hubspot. This number may rise as habits change and your audience gets more and more comfortable with technology.

3.  Make the subject line engaging and personal

Reading an email starts long before opening the email. Many promotional emails are now separated out within the email server, so users can delete all promotion emails with a single click.

In order to stand out, the subject line must be personal. Gone are the days of generic or blanket statements.

Consider adding a person’s name to the subject line or adding an emoji to attract attention. Make sure the subject line is short. If it generates some emotion, you may get subscribers clicking.

4. Be sure to track metrics

Sending endless emails out into the abyss doesn’t do your organization any good. It is best to track metrics when sending email communication so you can evaluate what is effective.

If you had a successful email campaign, what do you think made the difference? You can analyze the format, style, and time the email was sent, as well as other factors to improve outcomes.

This will also allow you to see which emails bounce back or go unread. Metrics can help you utilize your resources in the areas that matter most.

5. Email marketing isn’t dead, just adapt

Like most things, growth and change are required to stay relevant. As you consider your email marketing, don’t write it off completely. Just change and adapt to stay engaging with your audience.

Take a look at your past campaigns and see if these tips will help you as you move forward.

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