The New Site for Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center is LIVE

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 Practis, LLC and Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center have teamed up to create a new, custom website for the orthopedic group in Las Vegas, NV.

The Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center has been providing comprehensive orthopedic care to patients throughout Southern Nevada for more than 20 years. Our 16 board-certified physicians treat a range of specialties to meet the needs of each of their patients. Some specialties include general orthopedics, spine surgery, total joint replacement, sports medicine, arthritis care and minimally invasive surgery. 

To better serve patients, Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center created a mobile-friendly site that includes content on the orthopedic services offered at  Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center, physician directory, location information, patient portal and other user-friendly features.  Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center also uses a secure online appointments which safeguard your data and the data of your patients. The secure online appointment forms are customized to meet the needs and the look of the orthopedic group’s website. 

Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

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