So how much does a custom medical website cost?

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As a medical web designer, one of the most common things we’re asked is, “So how much does a custom website cost?” It’s never the initial question,  but the reaction of when we hear “Why so much?” that gets us.

While it may seem that $10,000 or even $15,000 for a custom website is a lot of money, the fact is that it’s actually a steal. The truth is websites are cheap at any cost and here’s why…

The real value of your medical website

Your website is your 24 x 7, 365 day a year employee.

Imagine that you have just hired a front desk person named Brenda, who:

  • talks to hundreds of patients every day, even on the weekends, giving them all her undivided attention. Her only purpose in life is to help your patients by providing them with answers to their questions and directing them to the patient education information and resources they need.
  • promotes your practice from everywhere and from any device.
  • is always available, 24 x 7, 365 days a week.
  • is cheap. Let’s assume Brenda works for you for three years. Your $10,000 investment comes out to be annual salary of $3,350. The longer you employ Brenda, the cheaper she gets.
  • never quits!

Brenda is a website, your website.

To find an actual person that will work that perfectly for so little would be impossible.   Your website’s value is exponentially greater than its upfront investment.