New website launched for Mine Line Gastroenterology Associates

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An excellent group of 21¬†gastroenterologists with locations in the Piedmont and Delaware Valley regions of Pennsylvania. Skilled in advanced procedures and conditions such as endoscopy, celiac disease, Crohn’s and colitis, and hepatology. Their dedicated women’s center uses a multi-disciplinary approach for the evaluation and treatment of GI/liver diseases related to pregnancy.

The team at Practis, LLC worked closely with Main Line Gastroenterology Associates and using our wealth of knowledge of the healthcare industry built this brilliant yet functional medical website that accentuates the expert of care and attention to detail that the doctors give on an every-day basis. Fully featured with well-written copy on procedures and conditions, this website is now a resource for patients to learn about treatment options, access their medical records via the patient portal, or even share their success story on the fully-moderated reviews page.

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