Why You Should Let ONE Agency Handle Your Marketing

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If you’re in the healthcare space, you understand that marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity to help you stand out. You may even fall in one of two categories; those who try and do everything in house, or those who employ a firm to take care of it for them. While both can be successful, it’s important to understand the right choice for you and condense your marketing efforts by using one agency to get the best and most cost-efficient experience for your marketing.

Stay in One (Marketing) Lane

I want you to picture yourself fishing in a large lake. If you’re not getting any bites in a few minutes, would your first reaction be to throw out ten more rods and hope for a fish? Or would you try to buy the best lure, rod, and line and then wait patiently for the biggest bite possible? Let’s hope that most of you know enough about fishing to choose the second answer, and now we can relate that to marketing!

One of the most common issues that healthcare administrators face when dealing with digital marketing is that they will try to use various firms because they are the “experts” in certain fields. However the more firms you use, the higher the risk of having duplicated errors across the internet that you’ll end up paying for.

The problem is communication, or lack of it. These firms don’t often communicate with one another and work in separate “silos”. Each of your key areas (organic SEO, paid ads, social media, etc.) should be working together like a well-oiled machine to give you the best results. There also may be some overlap with different agencies doing the same thing but both charging a fee. This could increase your costs and undermine a cohesive approach to your multi-channel marketing efforts.

Develop a Trusting Relationship

If you only use one agency for your marketing, you’ll find that you can quickly build a long standing relationship with them. You may even have a dedicated rep that becomes your “go to” resource for any questions. In the grand scheme of things, this can be your most valuable investment.

Any great agency knows that honesty and transparency are the best policies when it comes to developing a successful marketing campaign. You should be able to express the concerns you have about your site’s production, and the agency should be able to give you an answer and elaborate on how to improve. If you spread yourself too thin across multiple companies, your answers will become blended. For example, if you have a SEO question but ask your web design company, chances are you will be told to call your SEO company to discuss that. Why make multiple calls when you can just make one?

Stay Updated on Features and Improvements

One of the biggest benefits of working closely with one agency is that you’ll know about all of their cool new releases and updates. Chances are, you’re going to find something you may need, even if you didn’t previously think about it. For example, how would you like to be able to create a patient engagement “quiz” for optimal user experience and lead generation?  Sounds interesting, right? These are the types of things agencies like Practis offer and can provide guidance on.

Going a step further, agencies will explain new releases from industry experts to you, and tell you what you should do to further improve your online presence–and they’ll do it in terms you can understand. Not only that, they’ll tell you what releases you don’t need to worry about. For example, if a release primarily targets restaurants, it won’t be as helpful for healthcare so why waste money on it?

Get Your Internet Marketing In Line!

If you’ve hit a brick wall with your marketing, or are just looking to manage it more effectively, please contact us today at (704) 887-5300.

With a multi-channel approach to marketing, we can keep everything in one lane for you, and get you with a smiling, dedicated representative that will monitor your site’s performance consistently and act as your go-to expert that intimately understands your needs.