Is SEO or PPC Better for your Website?

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There has been a long-term debate on whether to opt for SEO or PPC are right for your website. While a great deal of the debate comes down to the goals, expectations and priorities of your business, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of both SEO and PPC.

The Benefits SEO and PPC



1. SEO is cheaper in terms of ROI than PPC campaigns.

1. Your traffic is instantaneous after turning on a PPC campaign, which is helpful if your domain and website are new to search engines.

2. SEO is a more permanent, long-term solution for showing up well in search engines

2. There are fewer ups and downs in traffic for PPC campaigns.

3. Studies show that 85 percent of people trust organic traffic more than paid ads.

3. PPC campaigns allow companies to target specific keywords.

4. SEO allows you to compete for any keyword without bidding or an increased cost.

4. Paid ads are the only guaranteed way to show up on page one of search engines.

5. Using long-tail keywords for SEO reduces competition and increase chances for organic keywords without having to pay per click.

5. PPC campaigns are more measurable than SEO efforts.

The Drawbacks of SEO and PPC



1. It takes time to get noticeable results from organic traffic

1. PPC campaigns increase traffic, but they also increase bounce rate. Remember: quality traffic is more important than quantity.

2. SEO results are susceptible to the constantly changing search engine algorithm updates.

2. There’s no ongoing value for PPC campaigns. Once ads stop, traffic stops.

3. Organic traffic requires constant maintenance. If you’re on page one, you need to continue SEO to maintain your standing.

3. Cost of ads continue to increase as competition increases. There is a considerable amount of oversight needed to manage and remove irrelevant clicks, which adds cost.

4. SEO depends on quality links and it can be difficult to avoid spam.

4. Click fraud from competitors exists and could potentially cost you quite a bit.

5. A lot of SEO companies are simply spammers that talk a big game. It’s important to be careful when choosing an SEO company.

5. PPC effectiveness depends greatly on the market you’re targeting. SEO is always useful.

So, Which is Better?

There’s no straight answer for whether SEO or PPC is better. When looking for a short-term fix, PPC might be the better choice for you. If you’re looking to stand out in search engines for a long time, SEO is probably the way to go. Launching a new site? A combination of SEO and a PPC campaign could get you started off on the right foot.

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