How to Use Your Healthcare Website to Drive Transparency and Embrace Consumerism

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There is a movement underway in healthcare

A transition is occurring from the status quo of traditional fee-for-service to more of a retail market where the patient is at the center.

In the retail world, we typically know what something costs before we buy it. Yet in healthcare, patients undergo tests, surgery and other services without fully knowing the complete cost of those services until the bill comes.

How can healthcare groups prepare for this change?

The catalyst for this transition in the healthcare industry is based on a number of factors:

  • The Affordable Care Act. ACR is moving the health industry away from a fee-for-service model towards value-based purchasing that is based on quality.
  • As consumers, patients are accustomed to transparency. They now expect the same level of service and transparency as they experience with other industries such as retail. Why – the growth of high-deductible health plans has put more financial burden on patients as they absorb more of the cost of their care.
  • Third-party online review sites. Healthgrades, Vitals and other online directories influence consumer choice regarding providers.
  • New state mandated requirements for healthcare transparency.

How to utilize your website to support patient access and improve your patients’ experience.

There are many practical solutions that you can add to your website. These resources will help to increase access to care, allow patients to understand cost and enhance your patients’ experience. These include:

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