HJ Obeid, MD Launches a Website with Propel Content

Practis Blog

Practis, LLC is excited to announce the launch of the first website that’s streaming PROPEL® content: HJ Obeid, MD Ear, Nose & Throat/ Sinus Center.

Dr. HJ Obeid, MD provides patients throughout Central New York with ENT services, such as hearing treatment, sinus treatment, throat surgery and sleep disorder treatment. Dr. Obeid also offers the PROPEL® sinus implant. 

What is PROPEL®?

PROPEL® is an implant that has been proven to improve outcomes for chronic sinusitis sufferers. The implant is inserted by a physician into the ethmoid sinus to maintain the surgical opening. The spring-like implant then delivers anti-inflammatory medication to the sinus lining. PROPEL® sinus implant dissolves on its own, which means there’s no painful surgical removal necessary. 

How Do I Stream PROPEL® Content Onto My Website?

For more information on adding the PROPEL® content onto your practice website, contact Practis at 704-887-5300.