Healthwise Patient Education Video Content Now Available!

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Engage Patients with Healthwise Video Content

With the rise of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix, it’s no doubt – video is a core part of today’s web. Utilizing video is also a great way to improve patient education and increase patient engagement. Why is using video content so effective?

New paths to comprehension

Video content is the answer to today’s short attention spans and differences in how people learn. Plain language, an empathetic tone, and visually expressive storytelling add up to better comprehension and engagement.

Shared decision making

Support shared decision making by teaching facts, explaining options, and helping viewers identify what’s important to them.

Empower patients for behavior change

Each video is tied to specific goals, motivations, needs, and behaviors.

Meet quality care goals

Meet your care quality goals with videos that support many accreditation topics.

More patient education options

Give your care team more education options.  As you look for new ways to engage and activate your patients, video content will help you help your patients through discharge, patient safety, and care transitions.

Learn more

You can learn more about the Healthwise video library or contact Practis. for more information on implementing patient education videos on your medical website.