Another Google Mobile Update Rolling Out in May 2016

Practis Blog

Google recently announced that at the beginning of May, 2016, they will be increasing the effect of the ranking signal for the mobile friendly. The new update will increase the strength of the mobile-friendly signal within the algorithm. This signal determines how well a website ranks in search results. 

How to determine if your site is mobile-friendly

You can use Google’s mobile friendly testing tool to make sure that all your website pages are mobile ready.

Websites that are already mobile friendly do not need to do anything.

To better understand how much of an impact this might cause if your site is not mobile-friendly, we recommend looking at your Google Analytics, if you have that enabled, and identify how much of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. If you see a large percentage of mobile traffic, we would highly recommend updating to a responsive site. If you don’t update, you risk losing traffic and any positive potential search results.

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