Everything you Need to Know About Google +

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The value of Google Plus skyrocketed after Google started using Google Plus as a factor in search engine rankings. If your Google Plus account is used effectively, it can have a substantial impact on where you are ranking on Google.

What are the Benefits of Google Plus for Businesses?

Google Plus has many features and benefits that are great for your business.

1. As previously stated, Google Plus influences your search rankings.

2. You have access to plus one buttons and widgets for your site, which help promote and grow your business.

3. You can claim authorship of your content through Google Plus. Having unique content is vital to the success of your site. To claim ownership of blogs and other content, simply visit the authorship section after creating your account.

How Can I Use Google Plus Effectively?

In order for Google Plus to impact your rankings, it’s important to use it appropriately. Here are a few tips to make sure your account is promoting your business effectively.

1. Update your status on a regular basis.

2. Hashtags are really effective on Google Plus, so use hashtags that impact your industry.

3. Take some time to completely fill out your bio and upload a clear, eye-catching photo.