A Custom Website for Children’s Health Care is LIVE

Practis Blog

Practis, LLC and Children’s Health Care have partnered to launch a custom website that allows parents to access information on their children’s illnesses and appointments easily.

Children’s Health Care has provided quality health care in the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire communities for 42 years. They are a highly recognized pediatric practice and treat patients ranging from one week old to eighteen years of age. To help parents provide care to their children, Children’s Health Care created their new site, chcmass.com. The website includes helpful parent resources such as immunization schedules, nutrition information and dosage charts.

The Children’s Health Care website also includes an “Is your child sick?” feature. It gives parents easy access to symptoms of different conditions, including burns, athlete’s foot, bruises, chicken pox and more. Users can view information on the condition and how to treat the condition.