7 Tips for Email Campaign Subject Lines

Practis Blog

The open rate for emails depends greatly on the subject line. Subject lines need to be enticing without being too pushy for readers. Here are seven tips for making your email subject lines stand out among the rest:

1. The shorter, the better

Keep your subject line around 50 characters. It can be difficult to get your point across in a few words, but readers will appreciate you being concise and to the point with your message.

2. Choose clarity over creativity

Readers want to clearly understand the context of the email. While some marketers believe a subject line that leaves some mystery, such as “It’s finally here” will entice users, it actually decreases the open rate quality.

3. Give preview texts a try

Preview texts enable users to get a sneak peak at the email before opening them, which can increase the open rate quality substantially.

4. A/B testing is effective

A/B testing is useful for PPC campaigns, content and email subject lines. Come up with a few different variations and see what works best for your readers.

5. Give a deadline

Most people purchase quickly if there is a sense of urgency in the subject line. If you’re offering a special sale or discount, use deadlines such as “7 day giveaway.”

6. Using numbers grabs the attention of viewers

Viewers are always more intrigued when numbers are involved. So, if you’re sending out an email for discounted websites, try something like “7 reasons your website needs a makeover.” It might sound more like a blog title, but email subject lines and blog titles can be used in similar ways to grab the attention of viewers.

7.  Ask a question

Engage readers by asking them questions. Creating a subject line such as “Do you know if your website is mobile-friendly?” will make users look at their website and reach out to you for help.

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