How to Know It’s Time to Redesign Your Medical Website

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There’s a lot going on right now, so we’re certain that your mind is in about 20 different places at once. Although it may be easy to let your current website sit unchanged because it’s “doing its job,” it’s not something you’ll want to do for long, as it can heavily impact your overall presence. Changes in ranking algorithms, design trends, and patient intake processes can all be factors that can either make or break your campaign, so it’s important to know about their impacts. Here are a few ways to know it may be time to move forward with a redesign!

Because Google Said So

The name “Google” is just synonymous with your online presence, so if they make an announcement, it’s rather crucial that you listen. As we wrote about recently, Google is making a number of changes to their ranking algorithm next year, most of which involve your overall user interface. Although user interface is determined by a number of different categories, perhaps the biggest factor is your overall design. So, if you’ve been tweaking your 10 year old site to try to make it fit with the modern times, taking a step back and building out a new wireframe for a site is going to be more suitable to Google. Look at your content funnels, calls-to-action, and overall layout and make it fit to your users’ needs and you’ll have listened to Google!

Because You’ve Made Some Brand/Practice Changes

Changing anything about your brand is often a major process. Even if it’s something as simple as a color adjustment to something a shade darker, you have to think about ALL of your collateral. Since your website is one of the primary factors of your brand, it makes sense that this should be one of the first things you focus on, but again, we understand that sometimes that doesn’t happen. If you have made any adjustments to your brand or practice (think providers leaving, logo adjustments, additions to service lines, etc.) then you need to take a look at your website. Perhaps your site is even using older images that don’t quite represent your practice. If you leave them, you risk people getting the wrong impression and potentially not calling you or requesting an appointment. Take a moment to assess any changes in the last few years, and if they haven’t made it to your website, look at giving it a fresh update to match your new image.

Because Your Competitors Updated Theirs

You’re better and you know it. But do potential patients know it?

If your site is old, which in website time is about five years old, then you’re probably going to be facing some stiff competition visually. It’s not always the same competitors that you had five years ago, either. Think about all of the new practices that may be moving into your area and attempting to take a slice of the pie. They are new, so they’re beginning with state-of-the-art websites that attract patients. While your site may have better rankings because of your stellar SEO team, your site may not hold a candle to the competition visually, causing users to start to go down the ranking list of which site actually appeals to them to make their decision. That means it’s time to look at a refresh or update. In the world of marketing, it’s important to use your competitors for ideas. While you don’t need to copy them exactly, you can use their ideas and spin it to fit your practice. Stand out, but not for the wrong reasons!

Because Your Patients Asked

Patient satisfaction surveys cover everything, but they often leave out your online presence. As you would do with everything else, listen to your patients and what they’re saying about your site’s user experience. Did they have trouble booking online? Were they not able to find the information they needed? Did they see that the pictures of you on the site were from 35 years ago? Your patients are your most valued resource, so if they say they experienced any sort of issue on your website, it may be time to look at a redesign! Think of all of the features that have been rolled out over the past few years that you may be missing out on. Keep your patients (and potential ones) happy in all aspects and they’ll stay with you.

Because It’s Time

Some of us live and breathe by the mentality that you can drive a car until the wheels fall off. Perhaps you’re mechanically savvy and can fix everything that breaks, or maybe you’re just a firm believer that the car doesn’t make the person. Then there are others that buy a new car every year because they want to and they can. When it comes to websites, you want to be in the middle. Use your website as long as you can present accurate information, keep users happy, and stay “modern” in the ever-changing times. Just like a mechanic, there are ways you can refresh your site without having to do it completely over, but when it gets to a point where you’re spending more to keep it running, it’s time to let go. Think about the cost benefit over the next few years, and you’ll likely find that making the decision now is a smart one.

If you’re realizing it’s time to make your site look more like a brand new model than a classic, give us a call or contact us online today! Our team of experts are here to make sure that you make the right decisions while keeping that unique appeal your patients have gotten to know over time. Let your site represent your practice!