Case Study

Tri-City Cardiology

Tri City Cardiology

As leaders in the treatment of heart and vascular conditions, each of the board-certified physicians on the staff at Tri-City Cardiology is dedicated to bringing only the best cardiology and vascular care to their patients in the Phoenix Metro area. Tri-City Cardiology team of physicians enjoys a national reputation for excellence and achievement.


  • Their previous website could not effectively scale along with their growing practice.
  • Website leads weren’t converting as well as they should.
  • Being in a very competitive market, and were not ranking well in search results for a variety of heart and vascular search terms in their area.
  • The practice needed more visibility into how its digital marketing efforts were working for them.
tricity cardiology mockup


  • Reorganized and optimized content to ensure that potential patients who are searching online can find their site.
  • Redesigned their site for scalability and responsiveness.
  • Developed a robust online physician directory that allowed users to search for a physician or sub-specialty.
  • Launched a strong digital marketing campaign with an emphasis on content development and technical optimization.
Increase in Users
Increase in Phone Calls
Increase in Clicks from Google