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The Bethencourt Group has a New, Custom Website

Practis, LLC and The Bethencourt Group have partnered to launch a custom, responsive website to highlight open and robotic cardiothoracic procedures offered at The Bethencourt Group: Cardiac &

GastroIntestinal Specialists Has a New, Custom Site!

Practis, LLC recently launched a new, custom site for GastroIntestinal Specialists!
GastroIntestinal Specialists specializes in treating diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver,

Launch of Gyn Cancer & Pelvic Surgery, LLC

Practis, LLC just launched a new, custom site for Gyn Cancer & Pelvic Surgery, LLC. The gynecologic oncologists at Gyn Cancer & Pelvic Surgery are directly involved in all aspects of their patients’

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